Welcome to Elbert Fire Signs

The Elbert Fire Protection District (EFPD) covers 183 square miles and servers about 1,000 people. From Elbert the boundaries are about 4 miles west, 13 miles east, 5 miles north and 8 miles south of the town and includes about 2 miles of Northern El Paso County.


A burn ban is in effect for the Elbert Fire Protection District. Please keep our community safe. Do not burn with out a permit from Elbert Fire.

Volunteer w/ Elbert Fire Rescue

Emergency services have depended on volunteer support for many years. Join the 31 men and women on the Elbert Volunteer Fire Department. FREE training. Can lead to a career as a firefighter or EMT.


By learning CPR you increase the chance of survival for a loved one, neighbor or even a stranger. Please make knowing CPR/ First Aid a priority.


We really wanted to stand out with our company so we decided to make a really killer sign. After some deliberation we decided to try these for our lettering.

It was a toss up between using something made from acrylic but in the end we were really happy with the finished result. Another alternative was to use Michaels but they just didn’t offer the level of customization we wanted.

Watches & Warnings

Reprinted with permission from:
Colorado Office of Emergency Management

The National Weather Service uses specific terminology to relay the weather threat to the public. In the summer, there are a variety of watches and warnings you need to understand in order to be prepared.